TimeTracker – Released on Play Store

I released my TimeTracker app on the play store yesterday evening and this morning it was available (it takes a while for Google to check whether the app is not a fake)

Here is the link if you’re interested. It is currently in Beta, meaning it isn’t really finished yet and might still have and error or two.

If you have any idea’s on how to improved, be free to let me know.

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Android Play Store

I acquired an android play/market account yesterday, meaning I can start publishing apps I develop. It cost’s $25 to be able to distribute apps. That’s more than I spent on apps…
…but we’ll see if I manage to balance costs out. I’m thinking of apps with adds for free and without adds for money.

I’ll need to wait until after my exams, because they are more important. But I am curious!

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PairChecker – v2

After I reworked the TimeTracker project, I took another look at this PairChecker and I improved it on some points. It now has:

  • Multiple input lists
  • Persistence in all lists
  • Persistence in score and progress
  • 2 main screens: the lists overview and the pair checking

I am thinking about adding a pair overview in which you can add, remove and edit the entries on the go. But that is for another time

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Timetracker – Continued

I started working on the TimeTracker project again so I can use it during my exams.

I reworked the GUI, removing most buttons and working with menus instead. This gives everything more of an android feel.

I also reworked transitions between main activities, especially the macro’s. They communicate through the database instead of sending all settings as text.

The whole project works like a charm, and I’ve been using it quite a bit. Sometimes tracking entire days.

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